Where to find the tastiest and freshest street food in Lima, without breaking the bank.

Mark Wiens travels the world in search of the world’s best street food.

And we’re not talking hipster food trucks here. We’re talking cheap local food served from market stalls or by hawkers, straight from their food carts.

In this video, Mark goes in search of the freshest and tastiest street food in Lima.

He is joined by Timour Ghoneim, a French chef who was so impressed by the local dishes and ingredients in Peru that he moved to the country.

They start their journey in La Parada Market, a vast sprawling collection of fresh local produce and largest wholesale market in central Lima.

They sample unique local ingredients like Peruvian Black Mint and Choclo, before checking out some of the market’s best food stalls. 

Along the way they sample the Caldo de Gallina from Caldo Cesar and a deliciously fresh ceviche, prepared and served right before their eyes.

This is all food that will set you back pennies not pounds.

And the best you’ll taste in Peru.

Main image: Fresh croquettes from the La Parada Market in Lima (© Mark Wiens)