A former call centre in Hackney has been transformed into a cornucopia of curiosities guaranteed to delight and disturb.

Viktor Wynd describes his Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Unnatural History as a ‘pataphysical wunderkabinett’.

It is set in a former call centre in Hackney,

The museum collection includes two-headed lambs and a mermaid from Fiji as well as condoms used by the Rolling Stones.

A cabinet dedicated to dead people includes a shrunken head and parts of pickled prostitutes.

There’s also the petrified remains of blood Viktor claims to have squeezed from a stone, probably the best indication of how seriously to take the collection.

(© Viktor Wynd)
(© Viktor Wynd)

Viktor describes himself as an artist, author, lecturer and impresario.

He is also a leading exponent of pataphysics, a difficult to define philosophy intended to parody science.

In this video, Viktor takes the good people from truly on a tour of his museum.

He shows off his favourite pieces, including a gold-plated hippopotamus skull that once belong to Pablo Escobar.

It’s a true taster of what to expect when you visit.

The museum has a fully-functioning absinthe bar too, where you can end your visit by sampling unusual spirits, from the old world and the new.

Chin, chin!

How to visit the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

Where: 11 Mare St, London E8 4RP

When: Thursday – Saturday 15:00-23:00 Sunday 12:00-22:00

Website: thelasttuesdaysociety.org

Main image: Cabinet dedicated to dead people at the Museum of Curiosity (© Viktor Wynd)