With airline safety videos morphing into lightweight info-tainment, Doug Lansky reveals the inflight safety tips that really work.

Airline safety videos these days are more public relations exercises than public safety messages. 

You’re just as likely to find a hobbit instructing you on how to best leave a plane in the case of an emergency than a flight attendant.

But are they telling us what we really need to know?

Tourism advisor, Doug Lansky suspected they weren’t.

He spoke to an active commercial pilot to get the low down on inflight safety and was shocked by what he learned.

Life vests and oxygen masks basically amount to nada. It turns out that the most important thing you can do is leave your shoes on for the first 3 minutes and last 8 minutes of your flight.

You can watch Doug’s video below. 

It could quite literally save your life.

Main image: Airline safety card (Calle Macarone/Unsplash)