A new video by Kerala Tourism turns to the most powerful kind of influencer of all – the locals.

Tucked away on the Malabar Coast, Kerala is one of India’s most photogenic regions.

Ornate houseboats ply emerald waterways.

Fishermen pull colourfully-painted boats onto palm-fringed beaches.

Tea plantations braid cool green hills.

So it must have been tempting for the Kerala Tourism to toss a few hipster-bearded, floaty-dress-wearing influencers into the mix and create your typical Instagram-friendly promo video.

To their credit, they didn’t. Instead – and I quote –  they tried to ‘find magic in the everyday and eternity in the ordinary.’

Shot using a predominantly real-life cast, the video covers the five different terrains of the region.

It eschews the trademark slickness of a lot of tourist board promo films and instead focusses on real-life stories in Kerala.

OK, the voice over is a little over the top. And the soundtrack is overly dramatic.

But in general it the film does a pretty good job of capturing the friendliness of the locals and the laidback rhythms of life in Kerala.

Which, to our minds, are Kerala’s two greatest assets.

For more information about the ‘human side’ of visiting Kerala, drop by KeralaTourism.org

Main image: Life in Kerala as seen by the ‘Human by Nature’ campaign (© Kerala Tourism)