Icelandic comedian Steindi Jr. has created an insanely catchy song to help visitors pronounce his country’s most common words.

Icelandic is a notoriously difficult language to master. 

On our recent road trip through north-west Iceland, Siri gave up trying to pronounce our Icelandic destinations by the third syllable.

Inspired by Iceland, a public-private company formed to promote Iceland, decided to have a bit of fun with the problems visitors have with the language. 

They enlisted the help of Icelandic comedian Steindi Jr.

He create a music video designed to help people pronounce some of the most common Icelandic words.

And showcase the country’s stunning natural beauty at the same time.

The result is ‘The A-Ö of Iceland’, complete with a ‘Follow the bouncing Iceland’ to help you sing along.

By the end of the insanely catchy song you’ll be able to master Icelandic words like kaffi (coffee), hverir (hot springs), hringvegurinn(the ring road) and Plokkfiskur (Icelandic mashed haddock and potatoes).

As anyone who has visited Iceland will tell you, that’s pretty much all the basics covered.

Skál! (cheers!), Steindi.

Main image: Steindi Jr.  and a sheep (Inspired by Iceland)