Watching the music video for Coplita is the closest you’ll get to an ayahuasca high without trekking deep into the Amazon rainforest.

Chancha Via Circuito is Pedro Canales. He hails from Buenos Aires and makes a slow-rolling, dubby psychedelic kind of digital cumbia that rumbles deep into your soul.

In Coplita he combines that sound with equally trippy animations by Paula Duró, a fellow Argentinian.

Duró is famous for her psychedelic imagery and mystic symbolism.

The video for Coplita, like all of her art, features bold colours, magical settings and strong women guiding listeners with the wisdom of indigenous cultures.

The final magical ingredient in the mix is the reedy, hypnotic vocals of Miriam García. Garcia is a singer, musician and actress obsessed with the folk and ethnic sounds of Latin America.

Pedro says she is the embodiment of ‘a special, ancient form of chant found only in the Andes.’.

Consider our minds blown.

Chancha via Circuito found fame when his remix of ‘Quimey Neuquén‘ provided the ominous soundtrack to Walter’s desperate bid to bury barrels of money in the final series of ‘Breaking Bad’.

Main image: Psychedelic flute player (© Paula Duró)