RedRed make infectious African electronic dance music. The video for their song ‘Ghetto’ is equally irresistible.

How joyous is this video?

It was shot on the streets of Accra by up-and-coming Ghanaian director, Bubi Cooke. He roped in about 50 residents, including a handful of street choreographers, and set about capturing daily life in the city’s ghettos.

Daily life, it seems, includes an impromptu dance-off in the dusty compound in front of the community hall.

‘We wanted to show the joys of living in these communities,‘ explains M3NSA, one half of RedRed. ‘There’s a common struggle and music is basically everyone’s release.’

RedRed is a collaborative musical project between M3nsa, one-half of the Ghanaian duo FOKN Bois, and Elo, a seasoned DJ/producer and instrumentalist from Budapest.

On ‘Ghetto’, the nasty bass house beats are underpinned by a masterful contribution from Ghana’s hip hop heavyweight, Sarkodie.

‘Ghanaians love every excuse to dance,’ says M3NSA.  ‘And we’re here to supply the music for it.’ 

We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

It’s not just the Ghanaians.

We’ve been practising some of these moves in front of the mirror at home as well.

In 3 min 21 seconds time, we reckon you will be too.

RedRed is a popular dish in Ghana consisting of black-eyed peas and a spicy sauce made from peppers and red palm oil. It is served with deep-fried plantains.

Main image: Promotional image for the ‘Ghetto’ single (© RedRed)