Kenyan rapper and boss lady Muthoni Drummer Queen asks ‘Whose Nairobi is this?’. The answer is emphatic. It’s hers.

When you’re travelling in Africa all roads lead to Nairobi.

Whether you need to get a visa for Eritrea or pick up a money transfer from your parents, the Kenyan capital is the best place on the continent to get things done.

Nairobi is also a great place just to hang out. It’s manic but manageable. Familiar but exotic. Gritty and glamorous.

Nairobi has own unique kind of energy – and it is captured perfectly in this music video by the indomitable Kenyan rapper, Muthoni Drummer Queen.

The song is called Nai Ni Ya Who? (Whose Nairobi is this?). It features a fleeting glimpse of the legendary Black Diamond Disco (A story for another day!). And it transports us back to our favourite city in Africa in an instant. Enjoy!

Nai Ni Ya Who? was first released as a cellphone download in collaboration with The Standard newspaper. The distinctive sample is a clip of Samburu women singing a traditional song.