Pack your boot up and drive across the Nullarbor with new Aussie band, Floodlights.

There’s nothing more Australian than packing up your 4WD and heading off into the bush. And there’s nothing more Australian-sounding than the heart-felt antipodean jangly-ness of the Floodies.

That’s right, the Floodies. In that grand Australian tradition, Floodlights have already had their name abbreviated!

Floodlights were formed in Melbourne in 2018. They self-released their debut EP Backyard in 2019. ‘Nullarbor’ was the standout track and, thanks to the suitably lo-fi video below, things have really started to take off

The song was inspired by singer Louis Parsons’ own epic road trip up to the Kimberleys. The video was filmed along the bleakly beautiful Great Australian Bight in South Australia.

If this song doesn’t want to make you chuck it all in and head off into the outback, you have no soul.

Well, not an Australian one anyway. 

‘We wanted to celebrate the beauty of Australia and the amazing landscapes, but also address aspects of Australia that are regressive and need to change.’

Main image: A fuel bowser on the Nullarbor (© Peter Moore)