When Nigerian Billionaire Obi Cubana put out a creative challenge to promote his new alcoholic drink, Odogwu Bitters, Nollywood legend Harry B Anyanwu answered the call.

Harry B gathered up the hottest talent in Nigeria’s burgeoning Cruise/Freebeat scene and created a sinuous, Ampiano-influenced track extolling the virtues of this new herbal alcoholic drink.

The drink is based on a traditional herbal recipe, apparently, and is said to boost energy, provide antioxidants and help fight the flu.

It’s also meant to increase the libido.

Something Harry B seems to focus on in the accompanying video clip.

Harry didn’t win the Toyota Camry that was up for grabs. That went to up-and-coming comedian, Spartakuz.

But it looks like he had a lot of fun trying.