Ever wondered what it’s like to ride the most dangerous road in the world? Join motorcycle adventurer Alex Chacón and see for yourself.

In 1995, the Interamerican Development Bank declared that the Yungas Road in Bolivia was the most dangerous road in the world. Adventurous travellers have been lining up to ride it ever since.

The road was chiselled out of the side of the mountains by Paraguayan Prisoners of War in the 1930s. It connects the Bolivian capital, La Paz, with the Amazon jungle, 15,260 feet below.

There are no guard rails on Yungas Road. Rock falls are a constant threat.

Visibility is notoriously poor too. The weather is either foggy or raining. Or both.

The scenery is undeniably spectacular though. On one side you have lush cloud forest. The other, a 2,000 foot ravine.

You’re never sure what will be coming around the next bend either. The route is still popular with beat-up old buses, connecting the tiny villages along it.

Until recently, over 300 people perished on the road every year.

In this incredible video, motorcycle adventurer, Alex Chacón, takes you every step of the way – from the morning peak hour traffic in La Paz to an impromptu street festival in the Amazon below.

Expect breathtaking scenery, extreme temperature shifts and crafty ‘toll’ collectors. 

And more mountain bike riders than you can poke a stick at.

Alex Chacrón on Bolivian Salt Flats

You can follow Alex’s adventures on his website, Modern Moto Diaries.

Main image: Van making its way along Yungas Road in Bolivia (© KAL VISUALS on Unsplash)