Taking inspiration from one of the Buddha’s closest disciples, these extraordinary images will transport you through the ethereal world of Buddhism.

Sacred Spaces: The Holy Sites of Buddhism by Christoph Mohr and Oliver Füller is more than an opulently beautiful coffee table book of images of Buddhism across Asia.

The plan was that the 240 thoughtfully shot images would become a modern-day version of the task Buddha set his disciple Maudgalyāyana – to put the core elements of Buddhism into a pictorial form and to translate his teachings into vivid imagery.

Author Oliver Füller explains that the premise of the book is deceptively simple. 

‘What if you can’t travel to the places where Buddhism is a part of everyday life?’ he asks.

A statement by the Buddha himself provided the answer: images are the language of the imagination and are able to move the hearts of viewers and enlighten their minds.

A worshipper at Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya in central Thailand (© Christoph Mohr)

In Christoph Mohr, Füller found a photographer up to the task.

Together they travelled through India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Asia, following in the footsteps of Buddha and the countless Buddhist scholars who helped spread Buddhism in Asia.

The result is collection of photographs and essays that engage the imagination, give readers a sense of Buddhism and convey the spiritual life and the spiritualism of Buddhist countries themselves.

It’s a breathtakingly visual journey into the world of Buddhism.

And a useful and inspirational tool in these times of pandemics and lockdowns.

Sacred Spaces – The Holy Sites of Buddhism by Christoph Mohr and Oliver Fülling is published by teNueues Publishing. Order your copy on Amazon or support your local bookstore at Bookshop.org

Main image: Pilgrims making their way around Lake Manasarovar in Tibet (© Christoph Mohr)