For Belgian photographer, David De Vleeschauwer, the more remote the destination, the better.

He has spent the last 20 years looking for new and interesting places.

Now, in a stunning book published by Taschen, he shares his best images from 12 of his favourite remote destinations

De Vleeschauwer is the first to admit that ‘remote’ is a subjective concept. 

One person’s remote destination is another’s popular tourist spot.

One of the destinations featured in Remote Experiences, for example, is North Korea.

De Vleeschauwer argues it is ideologically remote, rather than geographically so. 

(© David De Vleeschauwer)
A gaucho in Argentina (David De Vleeschauwer)
(© David De Vleeschauwer)

What makes the book special, says De Vleeschauwer, is the eclectic mix of different places.

With photos from Svarlbad to Antarctica, Papua New Guinea to St Helena, he certainly has all the bases covered.

The hope is that he inspires people to seek out remote places for themselves.

The images are accompanied by details on accommodation, flights and travel logistics, provided by his wife, travel writer Debbie Pappyn.

De Vleeschauwer‘s main aim is to encourage travellers to avoid following the Instagram script of someone else.

‘It’s good to think a bit out of the box,’ he says.

Remote Experiences by David De Vleeschauwer

Remote experiences: Extraordinary Travel Adventures from North To South is published by Taschen. Order your copy on Amazon or support your local bookstore at

Main image: North Korean soldiers riding the Metro (© David De Vleeschauwer)