Self-styled ‘extreme’ photographer, Olga Michi, captures unique cultures from around the world – before it’s too late.

Olga Michi is a Russian photographer, born in Cuba. She is best known for her TV series about photographing some of the world’s most deadly creatures.

For her latest project, however, she tracked down some of the most the unique cultures in our hyper-globalized world.

The result is a photo book called Vulnerable.

Olga’s aim was to capture the essence of these cultures – and the individuals themselves – before it’s too late.

Olga chose to present the individuals dramatically lit against a plain black background.

The idea was to focus the viewer – drawing our attention to the clothes, the accessories and the individual expressions.

Your eye is drawn towards the intrusions from the outside world too.

The rifles, cartridge cases, plastic items and mobile phones.

As intriguing and unique these indigenous cultures are, Olga’s message is that they are equally vulnerable too.

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Main image: Young girl from Ethiopia (© Olga Michi)