Proof that the breathtaking landscapes that inspired the ancient Icelandic sagas are still as evocative today.

Travel writer and photographer Peter Moore set himself the challenge of following the trail of Iceland’s ancient sagas.

It was a trip that took him from Reykholt, where Snorri Sturluson first wrote the sagas, to Akureyri in the north.

Along the way he called into The Settlement Centre in Borgarnes and the Leif Eiricksson Centre in Budardalur. He listened to tales from the sagas by firelight in Eiríksstaðir and fought in battle at 1238 the Battle of Iceland in Sauðárkrókur.

He had his fortune told at the Museum of Prophecies in Skagaströnd and learned how historians had got the Battle of Haugsnes all wrong at Kakalaskáli.

And he took these incredible photos that show that Iceland is still as epic as it was all those centuries ago.

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Main image: Peat bog in Borgarbyggð (Peter Moore)