What exactly is The Vagabond Imperative?

Conceived and created at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Vagabond Imperative is an online travel magazine determined to reset the way we look at travel and how we do it.

Here at The Vagabond Imperative we have three simple rules. Keep it wry. Keep it raw. And keep it real.

We believe the best travel experiences don’t necessarily look good on Instagram.

They can be grimey. They can be sweaty. They can be a lot of hard work.

But they can also reward travellers with an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Those are the experiences we want to celebrate here at The Vagabond Imperative.

The authentic travel moments that offer a real connection with a destination and its people.

The ones that can be rarely captured in a selfie.

They don’t necessarily have to be hardcore. Authentic experiences can be found as easily on a city break as on an epic overland trek

Take a moment to reflect on your favourite all-time travel experiences.

We want to inspire you to go and have even more.

Peter Moore

Our Founder: Peter Moore

The Vagabond Imperative is the brainchild of Peter Moore, an expat Aussie living in London who eats, drinks and breathes travel.

At last count he has visited 112 countries, written six best-selling travel narratives and spent close to ten years as the Associate Web Editor at Wanderlust magazine.

‘I got hooked on travel when I went to Vanuatu, aged 19,’ explains Peter.

‘I think it was meeting the Big Nambas that did it. They’re a remote tribe on Malekulu who wear nothing except a red cloth wrapped around their penises.

‘I remember thinking, wow, this is happening a two-hour flight away from home. What’s the rest of the world like?

‘I’ve been travelling the planet to find out ever since!’

  • To find out more about Peter and his books, visit his website at petermoore.net
Woman walking past hawkers in India

Our sections explained

The Vagabond Imperative is divided up into seven sections – one for each day of the week.

Each section is broad enough to cover the world in all its tarnished glory, but tight enough to focus on travel experiences that are real and authentic.

Cover Story: The story behind the cover image for each issue. There’s always a story. We won’t use it otherwise.

Places: Unique, quirky places that reveal the true heart of a destination.

Encounters: A profile of a person who reflects our philosophy of travel and the country they live in.

Guides: Insider tips on an authentic experience guaranteed to fast track you into the local culture.

Gallery: A themed selection of images that capture the real heart of a destination and its people.

Music: Great songs with amazing videos that transport you to a time and place immediately.

Video: Wanderlust inducing videos from some of the most exciting travel filmmakers out there.


Keep it wry. Keep it raw. Keep it real.